Welcome to the Visitors Area ---

To be part of it, read the FAQ page, The Law ,and  A narrative of a Tournament -(Sir Victor) and contact the Magistrate.

What We Are

• Our name, "Ordo Procinctus" is Latin - meaning "the Order of the Battle Ready". We study combat arts within a system that is as realistic as possible allowing for reasonable safety. We earn our victories and respect through study, hard work, and the application of the two together.

• We endeavor to understand how the martial philosophy can be applied to the challenges we are presented with daily. Learning to create and take opportunities, How to speak up for one's self, and how to rise to meet a challenge.

• Our organization is structured so that leadership as well as scholarly and martial prowess yield rank and recognition, rather than simply longevity in the organization.

• In our combat competitions, there is no second place. We bring our best onto the field and endeavor to improve further.

• Chivalry sport is a competitive, unchoreographed ring sport where each combatant is trying to earn victory.

What We Are Not

• We are not a LARP group, we do not take on false personas or act out characters.

• We are not actors performing choreographed sequences or acts.

• We are not an historic reenactment group in the strictest sense. Asian Martial Arts and modern combat philosophy are both welcome in our combat organization.