This is an on going list of answers to frequently asked questions about the Ordo Procinctus.
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Do you have to fight to join the Ordo Procinctus, How do I get started?
No. We also have non-contact competitive events including archery, knife throwing and hatchet throwing. Anyone who practices a period craft is also more than welcome. Or if you would just like to dress up, watch the combat and be part of the fun, there is a place for you too. The costs are generally modest. A $35 registration fee to the Ordo and some basic period clothing is all you need to start. Any equipment for events you are interested in will also need to be acquired. A ballpark expense list for some of the events:
Throwing hatchet $20-$60
Wooden arrows $2 -$5 each (round of 5 is needed)
Throwing knives - run the gamut

I’m interested in joining the Ordo Procinctus for Combat, How do I get started? How much does it cost?
Typically, a Knight that lives nearest to you would accept you as a squire and share his experience in making/acquiring armor and fighting.
Most of this won't have to be acquired all at once, but the quicker the better. I'd say, if you have $200 bucks in your pocket you'd be off to a good start. Think of it as an investment, you will be able to attend the LA Ren-fest for the whole season. You will also need to sign any contact sport release forms.
OK, let's see basic expenses to get started:
The biggie is the helmet, this will usually cost you $70-$120.
Other armor depends on the type.
For metal armors we usually use old washer-machine casings.
If you can get your hands on one those, it will save you a bunch.
Expect to spend about $50 or so spread out over a month for rivets, buckles, strapping, and things of that nature.
Leather armor gets a little more expensive. Expect to spend $100 and up if you want to do leather armor. Again this is spread out over time though.
A pair of Hocky gloves will get you by for hand protection. I've seen them in the $35-$60 range.
Oh, and $35 registration fee to the Ordo Procinctus
That should cover the first couple of major starting expenses.
If you are of the means you can purchase much of your armor. You may find that even purchased pieces require some modification to suit your fighting style.

You will eventually need to acquire your own weapons for the events you are interested in. This can be as limited or expansive as you wish. Some typical costs for common goodies are:
Shield $20-$60
Staff $25
Rattan Sword $25 -$60
Upon reaching Knighthood, you are expected to donate $5 at the monthly tournaments.

I have my own combat equipment and experience; can I fight at Ordo tournaments?
Members of other organizations with equipment and experience are welcome to compete in our regular tournaments January through October. They must observe Ordo Procinctus combat and equipment rules, sign the contact sport release form, and pay a registration fee of $35 per year. The fee is to help maintain our grounds.
If you are interested contact the magistrate.

Can I just come watch? Sure, spectators are more than welcome, donations are appreciated. We encourage spectators to dress up and be part of the fun.

How safe is Ordo Procinctus Combat?
As with all contact sports there is a calulated risk of injury. Most injuries are minor abrasions, scrapes and bruises. The most common major injury, yet still relatively rare is a broken finger. This is usually due to an under-armored hand. In the whole group we may have had 3 or 4 broken fingers over the last 3 years. If you have good hand protection, you should be reasonably safe.

Do you need to have any training/experience to fight in the Ordo? No. Currently some of our fighters have backgrounds in a variety of martial arts, some have no previous combat experience at all. It’s pretty school-of-hard-knocks. General if you put in your time in the pit, you will get better.

How old do I have to be to participate in Ordo Procinctus? Any age for noncontact activities. 18 and up for combat, or 16 with parental consent and "War Council" approval.

What is the War Council? The War Council is our governing body made up of Knights and Officers. They Discuss rules, building projects, budget, renfest contracts and other Ordo stuff.

How frequently and where do you meet? We meet for official tournaments on the first Sunday of every month at the Ordo Procinctus location on the LA Ren-fest grounds. Ordo members, especially Knights and Squires may often meet more frequently for training or armoring.

What are the weapons made out of?
There are a lot of different methods of making weapons for Ordo Combat. Typically the weapons have a rattan core, and are padded and covered in several layers of duct tape. Rattan is a fibrous wood that tends to “shred” upon breakage, rather than leaving sharp points.

Why do you use rattan as opposed to steel?
The safer the weapons, the harder you can fight. Period.
Every "live steel" group I've seen is a little ginger for my taste. If we used live steel someone would be pretty seriously injured, as that is what authentic weapons are designed for. You can really mix it up with safe properly weighted weapons in a manor that more realistically simulates heavy combat, than fighting gingerly with steel weapons. I guess it depends on wether the ability to fight with earnest and speed is more important, or the desire to handle steel swords. I certainly understand wanting to satisfy the urge to look the part and hear the clang of the steel, which has considerable appeal.
A lot of people in WMA think of themselves as tough guys because they use live steel. If you can use live steel without breaking limbs you're not fighting the same way we do. -D

Are you affiliated with the SCA?
No. Our combat rules are particularly different. We allow punching, kicking, grappling and clench fighting. Weapons may be used in nearly any fashon that is capable of delivering a clean, solid blow. We do not take on "Personas" These are few of the differences I can think of off the top of my head.

Are you a LARP?
No. We do not take on personas or play out false identities, we are there to fight and persue other period related arts. We do work with the Louisiana Ren-fest, and as such have certain gear/clothing appearance requirements. As with any organization there is admin/governing body. We do use period titles to refer to refer to officials.