Welcome Visitors

  Renaissance music flavors the air, as noble knights and their squires
prepare for armed combat. Through the smoke of the campfire, the sun's
early rays pierce the woodland's canopy, dancing upon polished armor and
exposed steel.
  Colorful banners are raised, boasting of past achievements and
victories, and proudly announcing their masters to the Field of Honor.
Amid the aroma of open-fire cooking, noblemen, damsels, and spectators
alike, gather to cheer their favorites to victory, while enjoying the
finest wines and ale.
  Armor is proved and skills are honed in hand-to-hand combat, the
staff, the sword and shield, and lastly the master's weapon of choice.
The Field of Honor is patient and welcomes each fighter, again and
again, wryly smiling upon the knots and bruises of unprotected flesh,
yet nodding approvingly at proven armor.
  As the final battle ends and helmets removed, the group gathers for
exciting stories of combat. All have witnessed the same event, yet
through different eyes the tales are told. For a moment, all have the
same thought, when the lid is raised from the large iron pot. Wafts of
fresh stew have been beckoning and taunting everyone all morning. Now,
it's time to appease the palate.
  Most make sure not to eat or drink in excess....for there are still
other games of skill to be had. Everyone can attempt to prove their
concentration and accuracy with archery, knife throwing, or hatchet
throwing. For others, another round of the wineskin is game enough.
  As the sun is chased back out of the sky, there's just enough time to
honor our noblemen for their crowning accomplishments throughout the
day's events, with gems of success. Their banners are pleased, and
already await to fly for their masters again, to boast of past
achievements and victories, and proudly announce them to the Field of Honor.

-Sir Victor

To be part of it, read The Law and contact the Magistrate.