Women's Undergarments in Battle

When choosing armor a lady should never overlook her under garments.  With all the lift and support who would know the dangers lurking behind an underwire bra.  It is possible for an underwire to break during battle. Should this happen you could end up with a cut or puncture which could conceivably (depending on your armor and the type of hit) go all the way
into a lung.  Ladies of the trade report that sport bras work the best. However, if you wish for more curve appeal a regular padded or unpadded bra (without underwire) will do the job of keeping you in place without injury.

Another protective undergarment that many women don't consider is protection for their groin area.  Here are the options I've researched.  The easiest, quickest solution you can use - thick maxi pads doubled up.  Some sport stores sell pelvic protectors (the women's version of a jockey cup) in the hockey section or you can order them online.  Pelvic protectors come in plastic or foam-like material; some have hip and leg straps to keep them in place others are built into panties.  Metal chastity belts can be purchase at online renaissance stores (although I've heard they are uncomfortable). If you're searching for that perfect fit with handmade quality Lady Lyanna's web site (www.geocities.com/lyanna96/warmor.html) has good ideas for making your own leather or metal covering.

-Lady Crystal Rose