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Standard of the

Ordo Procinctus

A quatered shield.

Upper Left quadrant: A key, representing study and scholarly pursuit.

Upper Right quadrant: A fluer de lis, representing the Birthplace of the Organization -Louisiana.

Lower Left Quadrant: 2 horizontal bands, representing the ability to control oneself.

Lower Right Quadrant: An Axe, representing martial prowess and study.

Explanation of Awards
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Sir Dallas Vance Meana
A sable Dragon head
against a crimson field. May be
accompanied by the creed


meaning Mourning Dragon
or Black Dragon.

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House Draconis

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Sir Robert Fleming
A white Bird of Prey displayed against a violet field.

Sir Lawrence Hill
A rampant rust steed over a sable diagonal stripe against an azure field.

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Sir Mark Goodrich
Rising above a dark field, the
nature of human kind, and the
negatives of human need are forged
in fires lit by teacher and
student.High above, and governing
all, is the pure rune of protection,
symbolizing the bond among friends
whichever path to the future we may
choose to take.


Master James Bradley Dill
A crimson crusiform against a pure argent field.

Sir Victor Rodrigue, Jr.
An or winged dagger emblazed upon a sable field.

Sir James Payne

Sir Eric Wiggins
Per bend rust and or, a scorpion sable.

Sir Adam Dillon
The sigil of Odin against a verdegris field

Sir Jason Lodge
A violet Ankh against a sable field

Sir VJ
Crimson elements of the sword, bow & arrow upon an argent field trimmed in sable.

Sir Jason Kelly
A Sable Rose silohuetted in Argent against a Sable field.

Chris Willette Esquire
A downward pointing sword rests in an argent crusiform against an azure field.

Keaton Robinson Esquire

Stephen Blades Esquire
Vert, a bend brown charged with a shamrock sable.

Claudio Perisutto Esquire

Steven Ballmer Esquire
A Greyhound Proper against an argent field, with crimson stripes filled with cendrée iron crosses.

May be accompanied by the creed


meaning ‘Virtue Takes the Prize!’

Dame Mollie Fleming
An Argent owl with Or eyes

against a brown field.

Page Etienne

Page George

Peter Esquire
A violet trapazoid against a sable field.

Dwane Esquire

JBar Esquire
An azure winged sword enclosed in a circle against and argent field.

Owen Esquire
An Or Lion's head against an azure field.

"Ex Ungue Leonem"

Chris Myers Esquire
An erased Sable Rooster's head against an Or field.

House Standards

House Draconis
"Gebunden durch das Blut"

Sable inverted cruciform against a crimson field. Sigil of House Founder Sir Dallas Meana resides sinister. An Iron cross resides dexter.

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