Only Squires and Knights are allowed to participate in contact events.

One who wishes to be a Squire must petition a Knight. If the Knight chooses to accept the petitioner, a squiring ceremony is done at the next tournament.
During the period of squireship, The Knight imparts his knowledge of combat law, technique, arms and armor to his squire. The squire serves as his Knights liegmen,
helping him with equipment management and other tasks. The specifics depend largely on the nature of the relationship of that particular Knight and Squire.

Once a squire has met the following conditions he will be considered for knighthood.

• Has served in a minimum of four tournaments as a Squire.
• Has acquired the minimal armor required for combat.
• Has acquired the necessary weapons for events of interest.
• His Knight feels he is ready and sponsors him before the War Council.

If a majority vote of the War Council shows approval, a formal Knighting ceremony is then conducted.

It must be made known at tournament that a Knight has taken a Squire. It may be as simple as a public announcement by the herald, But a symbolic exchange of vows is preferred. This shows that both parties clearly understand the agreed upon responsibilities of each. The vows listed here are a suggestion. They may be changed to reflect the agreement of the specific Knight-Squire relationship. When the Squire fights, his banner and his Knight’s banner are flown.

 Squire's Oath

I want to become a knight.

I will dedicate myself to the quest of becoming a knight
-- to improve myself physically and mentally to achieve that quest.
I will be my Knight's liegeman.
I will work to arm and armor myself.
I will strive to earn the respect of the War Council so that I may too, take on the Mantle of knighthood.
I will Honor my Knight in Combat, for I fight under the endorsement of his banner.
All these things I swear to do until my Lord releases me from my vow, or I am made a knight.

 Knight's Oath

I will guide my squire on his quest to become a knight, teaching him what I can and finding others to teach what I cannot.
I will be my squire's liege lord.
I will take his part before the War Council and be his sponsor.
I will remember my squire is in my service but he is not my servant.

All these things I swear to do, upon my honor as a knight of the Ordo Procinctus, until I release my squire from his vow, or he is made a knight.