Armour and Weapon Construction Lots of Patterns. Great Site.
Storm the walls Great armor and siege engine info site.
Make a Shield How to make an SCA Heater Shield
Leg armor How to make 13th century style leg armor.
Leg Armor Patterns for 15th century leg armor
Spaulders Pattern for shoulder spaulders Great source for all types of metal stock, including stainless sheet and titanium
Japanese Armor Complete instructions on it's creation.
Leather Armor boiled leather how-to.
Low profile armour Plastic 'low-profile' armour.
Alchemy Armory Plastic Plate Armour.
War Sword How to make a sword from a leaf spring.
Padded Sword A padded sword design. Rings and Scales for sale.
Armor Galleries Artist/Armorer

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Armour and Weapon Stores - other related items
WarGear Good prices on armor full contact, live steel good prices on basic helms and armor.
Kings lance good prices on helmets and armor
Swords and alot of helmets at good prices. Best price I've ever seen on fingered gauntlets.
swordsdirect more helmets at good prices.
oaksarmoury A very skilled armouror
Crash Pads Padded athletic wear
Under Armor Weather specific athletic wear
5 star Cheap import swords, a few inexpensive helmets.
throwing axes throwing axe dealer Martial arts suppliers. These guys carry almost everything.
7 foot rattan staff For those who like them long. A variaty of Martial goods, Eastern and Weastern. Martial arts suppliers. Lots of rare chinese weapons.
Latex Weapons Very realistic looking. A variety of goods.
Heimrick Swords Steel to steel swords. Choose pommel, guard and blade combo for about $200, best price you'll find on that quality. Custom Scabbard Maker.
blue goose These guys carry the Barbuta that is often used by the Ordo.
Medieval-Armoury Ebay armor store.
ArmStreet Ukrainian craftsmen. Ebay Store.
Hockey Giant Hockey Gear. They carry an all leather hockey glove. Leather Armours
Artisan Leather Armours
Iron Liege Padded weapons Some inexpensive helmets and other period stuff Good Prices on a variety of armors. These guys carry 9 foot rattan. Good Prices on Helms and hatchets. UK company, good looking Latex larp weapons. Helms and armor. $50 barbute Lots of stuff. good prices.

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Clothing Lots ofperiod trim. Slow loading catalog. Worth the wait. Period clothing and trims. Some tunics.

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Training and Study
Old Fight Books Links to lots of old Combat Manuals. Iron Palm Training
archery care for wooden arrows
Chivalry Great infosite on historic and modern chivalry.
book of Not the best translation I've seen, but it's free & online. (Martial Philosophy)
book of five Again, not the best translation I've seen, but it's free & online. (Martial Philosophy) The study of the evolution and development of human combative behavior.
Black Belt Mag Lots of traing articles. Searchable. Infosite
Turtle Press Article wth related books for sale. Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences. Tons of great articals for Western and Eastern Martial Arts.
WMA Data Base Data Base of Western Martial Artist. Find training partners world wide.
Historical Articles, Auctions Ongoing translation of the old fight books and he's making it public, we applaud him.

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Other the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
Tournament Productions Very cool group, full contact, live steel. Pictures of tourns, lots of other cool photography. Great interface. Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
AEMMA Link List Link List from the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts.
AEMMA pics AEMMA pics and videos, some good stuff.
The Exiles WMA group
Kropserkel Kropserkel's Black Rider Armor. Amazing.
Kropserkel Kropserkel's Uruk-hai armour.
Kropserkel Kropserkel's Aragorn Bracers.
Occupations List of Old Occupatios