of Participants
The duties of a participant are as follows:
• Read Ordo Procinctus documents.
• Have costuming approved by the Herald.
• Consult the Herald and Register a Standard with the Scribe.
• Make or Obtain a Banner.
• Obtain necessary equipment for events of interest.
• Sign any related safety forms.

of Knights
The duties of a member of the War Council are as follows:
• Maintain all required armor and equipment.
• Have all equipment approved by relevant Officers.
• Hear petition from squires.
• Respect the decisions of the combat judges without argument.
• Maintain control and fight with honor at all times.
• Tithe $5 to the Ordo Procinctus at each monthly Tourmament.
• Sign any related safety forms.

of Squires
The duties of a Squire are as follows:
• Create or obtain necessary equipment for combat.
• Be his Knights liegeman, attending him during combat and managing equipment.
• Serve as a squire for a minimum of four tournaments.

Duties of Office

The duties of the office of Magistrate are as follows:
• Act as general director.
• Help the other officers work together to reach established goals.
• Appropriates funds.

The duties of the office of Marshall are as follows:
• Help carry out specific tasks required to reach organizational goals set by the Magistrate and War Council.

The duties of the office of Herald are as follows.
• Hears petition for and approves new Standards.
• Advises in the symbology and creation of new standards.
• Approve costuming.
• Settle any dispute of aesthetics.
• Award Honors at the closing of the tournament.
• Announce Participants and event outcomes.
• Acts as master of ceremonies.

The duties of the office of Scribe are as follows:
• Acts as treasurer
• General information management and record keeping
• Illuminates the history of the organization.
• Catalogs Standards and Sigils.
• Creates any necessary scrolls and honors.
• Keeps event scores on the field of honor.
• Archives tournament outcomes.
• Archives Officerships .

The duties of the office of WeaponMaster are as follows:
• Approves all weapons to be used in events for safety.
• Advise in weapon construction.
• Approves combat boundaries.
• Makes judgments on “on the line” points on targets.

The duties of the office of ArmorMaster are as follows:
• Approves all combat armor for safety.
• Advise in armor construction.
• Approves Distances for ranged weapon events.