*Anyone may call a break for unsafe conditions.*
A point based system consisting of two knights and three judges
will be used.
(Similar to a martial arts tournament.)

POINT ZONES, bladed weapons: Anywhere that is not a foul.
POINT ZONES, percussive blows: Anywhere on the head. The abdomen including the back.

BREAKS: Any judge may call a break for any of the following reasons.
• He believes a point has been scored.
• He believes an illegal act as been committed.
• One combatant has dropped below minimal armor requirements
due to equipment damage.
• He believes there are unsafe conditions.

SCORING A POINT: When the center judge calls "fight", combat
begins. When a clean, solid blow is delivered, any judge
may call a break. The Knights immediately cease and return to
starting position.
Each judge calls one of three possible verdicts: a point for one of
the two knights, or no points. 2 of the 3 judges must agree on a
point for confirmation.

WHAT IS A POINT?: A point is scored when the judges believe a blow
that would be damaging has been delieved. Points May be scored with any
part of the weapon capable of delivering a solid blow.
Points may also be scored by punching, kicking, elbows and knees.
If a knight is disarmed combat continues until a point is scored,
even if this is interrupted by breaks without point confirmation.
The weapon lies where it fell, it may be retrieved during combat by either Knight.
If the Knights go to ground clenching or grappling, combat continues untill a point is scored.
A point may also be earned by the opponent committing an illegal act.

Judges will Call for the confirmation of an illegal act. If an illegal act
is confirmed, the transgressor will be issued a warning. Any other
confirmed illegal acts on the part of the transgressor for the
duration of that tournament will result in the offended being
awarded one point.
Illegal acts are as follows:
• Striking the neck
• Striking the groin
• Moving wholly out of the marked combat boundary. (As long as
some part of the knight is within the combat boundary, he is considered in bounds.)

A symmetrical combat area must be marked off and approved by the WeaponMaster.