All participants shall maintain a banner.

A Banner is a 12 x 18 inch vertically oriented piece of cloth, hangable from a
1.5 inch dowel. The Banner serves to identify participant on the field of honor.
Knight's Banners are hung from the high pole, Squires from the low, under the sponoring Knight.

A Banner must clearly bare the Standard of the participant.
A banner may also bear any of the following:
• A Knight’s Banner may bare the sigil of the War Council. A crossed Key and Axe.
• A silver or white sun within a circle denotes a veteran of the first cycle.
• A diminutive event standard for every 10 1st place victories in that event.
• The sigil or motto of the Ordo Procinctus.
• A diminutive Standard of the knight you have squired under.
• A diminutive Standard of a knight who squired under you.
• A golden sun (representing the solar cycle) 1 year of service to the Ordo. Issued for every12 participation stars earned.
• The active sigil of any office currently held. May be of any color but black or gold
• The inactive sigil of any offices previously held .1 per year.
• The actual physical awards of victories and participation.